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Early February, while browsing the latest Product Hunt upvotes, I came across a very interesting looking project called 30 Seconds of Knowledge.

This browser extension provides you with a random code snippet from 6 available categories every time you open a new tab that you can read and understand in 30 seconds or less.

That’s great I thought, visited the website, added the extension to my browser and with the first new open tab I had the first snippet in front of me.

First I was surprised that I could not find any Ruby support. Soon I realised This is a great opportunity to re-visit some of Ruby’s core methods, learn about the latest syntax introductions of Ruby as well as to contribute to an amazing open source project. 30-Seconds-of-Ruby was born.


After about a week petrovicstefanrs the owner of the 30-seconds-of-knowledge Github repo merged the provided ruby snippets.

It’s great to see my contribution in action every time which allows everyone learning about Ruby in easy, digestible bits.


I would love to hear your feedback. In case you want to contribute to any of the mentioned projects, check out the below links.

Additional Resources

Florian Josef Reheis

Florian Josef Reheis

Business Controller turned Engineering Lead & Digital Marketer

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