Becoming a First-Time Founder - Telleroo

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In 2016 I became a first-time startup founder by starting a payments company called Telleroo. Telleroo helps you automate bulk payments without using bank services and reduces time, costs, and processing errors when dealing with payments.

My university friend Michael invited me onto this journey by joining him and Fabian. Less did we know about the challenge ahead of us. During my involvement, we were able to raise around 100k angels and a 420k seed round. Being part of the last 20 startups to get hold of one of the highly coveted Techstars cohort places was a great experience. In 2018, after one year, I’ve moved on to a new advantage, joining Cutover early on to help to build the leading platform for work orchestration and observability.

I’ll follow up on the great learnings another time.

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Florian Josef Reheis

Florian Josef Reheis

Business Controller turned Engineering Lead & Digital Marketer

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